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Roadtrek Zion & Simplicity Videos

Roadtrek has posted some useful videos. I have attempted to collect some together with a focus on problem solving or modifications. This is a work in progress.

Understanding the Appliances and LP System

Join Sean as he walks you through the appliances and propane systems in your Roadtrek ProMaster models.

Review of Roadtrek Plumbing Features

Watch as Sean Heintz, our Customer Support Specialist walks through all the plumbing features of your ProMaster based Roadtrek model.

Electrical Systems

Sean Heintz, one of our Roadtrek Service & Warranty Specialist, walks through the electrical system in a Roadtrek Zion. Topics such as battery operation, inverter, control panel, solar panel and troubleshooting are covered.

How to Extended and Retract the Flip Up Counter in a Roadtrek ProMaste

Watch the following video to learn how to extended and retract the flip up counter extension in your Roadtrek ProMaster van.

How To Set Up Your Roadtrek Awning

Showing you how to easily and quickly set up the awning in your Roadtrek.

Roadtrek ProMaster Winterization

As winter approaches we know many of you are going to be needing to winterize your Roadtrek motorhomes. We have created a How To video to assist you in this process.

Zion Winterization of Plumbing Lines and Drains

Learn from a factory representative how to easily winterize your Zion so you are ready for the cold climates. Please note this video is for protecting your water and waste water system only, it is not intended to be used for long term storage of your Roadtrek.